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Kim Kardashian

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Jon Cryer

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John Waters

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Leo DiCaprio at 21

Leo DiCaprio at 21

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John Waters Pt. 4

Written by admin under Recent Posts on October 20, 2009  |  No Comments


John Waters and Bob Shaye
by Eric Gladstone

Q: Do you take credit for launching Rikki Lake’s career?

JW: Well, the day I cast her in ‘Hairspray’, she’d been turned down for a job at The Gap a week earlier! So I’ll take a little credit, yeah.

Q: How did you meet Cookie Mueller?

JW; Cookie, it was very sad to see her last night. Her book is coming out this year… I met Cookie when she won the door prize at the world premiere of Mondo Trasho, and she had just been released from a mental institution. It’s true! And the door prize was dinner for two at The Little Tavern, which was then the worst hamburger joint in town. We picked her up in a limousine, took her there and filmed it, and that’s how I met her. I think she was a good writer, I wish she’d started that earlier. She was later the art critic for Details magazine. And she did a lot of movies. And unfortunately, she died of AIDS. And that’s her baby in the pit that they sell. He’s 25, works in an art gallery, and his name is Max. She originally wanted to name him Noodles, but the nurse wouldn’t let her do it.

Q: What about Baltimore, how has it changed since then?

JW: It never changed that much to me. It’s a nice place for me to live because people think, “Oh, he couldn’t be famous, he still lives here.” Nobody bothers me and everybody’s very nice to me. It’s changed because of Homicide. Everybody I knew that I started with–Pat Moran who cast all my movies got an Emmy nomination this year for Homicide; The person who built the trailer for me now does all the sets for Homicide–All the people who worked with me and are still in Baltimore are now very successfully working with Homicide.

Q: With the way New Line has grown in 25 years, do you think they could buy and market a film like this now?

Bob: I’d like to think so. The only thing that distresses me a little bit about how the company has grown is that need to bring in talented and creative associates because there is so much to do, and there is a kind of pristine efficiency in just six or eight people. Everything that comes across the receptionist’s desk, I got to see.

JW: Bob forgets, he did call me after he saw the movie and said, “We’re really interested in the movie. Come to New York, but please don’t bring your friends!”

Continued at Pt. 5

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