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Kim Kardashian

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Leo DiCaprio at 21

Leo DiCaprio at 21

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Michelle Williams Pt. 2


By Eric Gladstone

Still, Williams admits that she probably didn’t weigh the scene as heavily as she should have. “Having just done nudity on stage [in the off-Broadway play “Killer Joe”], I was sort of fearless about it and felt brazen and you know, liberated. Which may have been a dangerous way to feel, because the beauty of theatre is that you create and recreate each night. There’s no rewind button.”

Michelle is a bit fed up with the contradictions in how the media portray teen sexuality. On the one hand, she figures “kids are always going to have sex, and that’s not a bad thing. I wish that there wasn’t such a stigma attached that made girls feel like sluts and whores, because it’s [part of] growing up.”

On the other hand, she has misgivings about many of the revealing photo shoots she’s participated in. “Have you seen the fucking pictures I’ve done?” she rants. “They’re all about my breasts. That’s just not who I am, and it makes me feel kind of…dirty.” It also made her feel like giving her then-publicist the boot. “I didn’t want teen girls or my little sister thinking that that’s a woman’s power, that’s how girls should look.

Williams is confident that her little sister Page, 16, will support her latest performance, as will her mom. Boyfriend Freeman, 30, approves, but Michelle confides, “the thought of somebody else touching your lover’s body or knowing things only you should know, is a really tricky thing.” And Dad?
“I’m not sure what my dad’s going to think.”

By her own account, Michelle’s relationship with both parents has been tumultuous. Larry and Carla Williams raised Michelle and Page (she also has a half-brother and two half-sisters, all older, from Larry’s previous marriage) in tiny Kalispell, Montana. Michelle describes it as “a really small, beautiful, but at the same time industrial dirty town.” As a kid, she was an outdoorsy tomboy, skiing with her uncle at the age of six, riding jet skis on a nearby lake with neighbors, and bonding with Dad over boxing matches on TV.

“He was pretty much my best friend growing up,” says Michelle of Larry, a commodities trader and ‘round-the-world “treasure hunter” who also ran two unsuccessful campaigns for the US Senate as a Republican. “He taught me to read and love books and to love travel, and be independent.” Michelle’s relationship with Carla was not so great, especially after the family relocated to San Diego when she was nine. “I was rebellious and rude, and disrespectful of her.” Perhaps ironically, Michelle says her relationship with mom has improved greatly over the past year, while she glosses over her current status with dad; Mr. and Mrs. Williams are currently going through a divorce.

“I can’t really remember not wanting to act,” she recalls. “The opportunity to do plays was given to me at a really early age, and I never really wanted to be without it.” Thus, after her freshman year of high school, Michelle opted to finish via correspondence classes, completing three years’ requirements in the space of one. And at 15, against objections, she moved to L.A. with an eye on the silver screen. Soon after, she also legally emancipated from her parents because it made getting roles easier, “and because I was rebellious.”

Continued at Pt.3

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