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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

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Leo DiCaprio at 21

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Kim Kardashian Pt 4


Kim Kardashian interview
By E.C. Gladstone

EG: How did you decide the scent, in terms of what was marketable vs. what you would wear?

KK: I put samples of both the lighter one that I thought people might like better and the one that I liked better in my store, and I’m having everyone I know smell it. I thought people would like the lighter scent, and I think they really are. I only do things if I really wear it. I need a new scent for me. See if you like number seven or number nine.

EG: Seven or nine? Which of those is your lucky number?

KK: Neither. Six is.

EG: Do you feel you have more male fans or female?

KK: I used to have more male fans, and then it totally turned. Once the show aired and people saw who I was, girls can relate. So now I have a total female audience, or a little of both.

EG: Did it take some getting used to having cameras following you around?

KK: Not too tough. Obviously when there’s a huge camera in your face and you’re upset about something… But we made a decision as a family that we’re going to show everything that’s real and that’s going on. Otherwise we know that if it’s not authentic, people will know that. So we made a family decision to go full force with it.

EG: So, even though you have that control, you still feel people get a lot of things wrong.

KK: It’s funny, on the show they do show me being a bit of a diva, but in reality I don’t think that I really am. They want to talk about stupid plastic surgery stuff–I’ve said a dozens of times, ‘No, its not true.’

EG: And you’ve been candid about what you have done.

KK: I haven’t really done anything. If I had, I’d talk about it. I’ll talk about weight stuff. I’m not afraid of it. One day I’ll definitely need it. I’m not against it. Especially after I kids, I’ll need a lift.

EG: What’s the wackiest shit that people have come up with?

KK: That I have a fake butt. Feel it. I wish it was. Seriously, I do. People contradict themselves, first they’re like ‘you’re so fat and full of cellulite,’ they they’re like ‘you’re butt is so fake.’ Honey if my butt was fake, it would be hard as a rock.

EG: You did lose some weight earlier this year…

KK: When I first started working with stylists, they would bring me [size] 6s and 8s, but I’m really a 2 or 4. When people meet me they always say ‘I didn’t know you were so small.’ Like I definitely have a big butt, I get it, but its really not what people make it out to be. And I’m so much more petite than people think. I lost five pounds and people are like ‘oh my god she had this huge weight loss!’ And I see it, cause I am small, but kind of shocking to me that I got all this attention. I was always wearing tight things, so I guess it looks big when I wear certain things. I was into showing it off. Now I’m kind of over that. People ask me questions on my blog, someone asked me what size jeans I wore, and I said 27. and it was like I started world war III. So I tried on a size 26 and two 27s, and my sister and I were laughing so hard. Why would I lie about my jeans size? I wouldn’t let the camera leave me. So people wouldn’t say I cut the tag out. It’s just funny they think I lie in the first place. I’m either lying or I’ve had plastic surgery. It’s like the stereotype that if I’m in a nightclub I must be wasted, and I don’t even drink. People make up this whole life that they think I live, and obviously you see me out, so I do go out. But isn’t that what people my age do, hang out with their friends? I should be able to do what I want without getting a wild reputation.

Continued at Pt. 5

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