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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

“I’ll be pregnant by the time I’m 30…hopefully.” Kim Kardashian interview By E.C. Gladstone Many see Kim Kardashian as ...

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Leo DiCaprio at 21

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Kim Kardashian Pt 3

Kim K 1 a

Kim Kardashian interview
By E.C. Gladstone

EG: I was looking at your blog…its very open and real, not just promotional

KK: I was tired of seeing all these websites, like on myspace where people pretend to be you, and I said ‘no one has it right.’ I just wanted to connect to my fans. People assume I’m a certain way, that I’m a party girl—I don’t even drink alcohol. Hate it. Never have. I had two sips of a margarita last night at dinner and I said ‘I’m drunk!’ They were all laughing at me.

EG: Aren’t clubs really boring when your not drunk?

KK: I love to dress up! But you’ll never catch me at an afterparty, I’m just not that girl. I’ll dress up with all my friends. I work during the day, if I’m not doing this, I have stores to run—I have to go once a week, all my mail goes there, I kind of do all the buying, in the back office. I don’t work on the floor. We’ve had to have security now, ‘cause it does get a little intense. My sisters are there every day. Kourtney used to be on the floor, now she’s in the back, ‘cause she has work to do, It gets a little bit frustrating when she has to work, then get up and take pictures every 5 seconds. She’s not as into it as the rest of us, she’s more into the work. Khloe is outspoken but silly, Kourtney is more outspoken than Khloe, but her delivery is very harsh, but that’s Kourtney, and we love her for that.

EG: So what’s your favorite reality show?

KK: Keeping Up With The Kardashians

EG: Do you really watch it?

KK: Yeah. We edit it… what I like to watch about it is some of the stuff I don’t know my sisters have shot, and I’ll watch it and say ‘where was I? they’re having so much fun without me!

EG: Do you like seeing yourself on camera? Are you self-critical?

KK: Not in a reality show. In a movie, it’s so much more hard.

EG: How would you describe your own sense of style?

KK: I think my sense of style is evolving. I’m definitely becoming a little more ‘effortlessly chic,’ I’m trying to be a little more funky, kind of mix J-Lo and Rhianna. Before I was more into the tight dresses and showing off my curves. Now I feel like,’been there done that,’ kind of over it. I’m figuring out ways to be sexy without having to flaunt it.

EG: What’s on your ipod?

KK: I love Rhianna, I love Jennifer Lopez, Kanye West, there’s a lot I love, I love Carrie Underwood, Kelli Clarkson. I picked the Pink Panther theme for my first dance because that was one of my dad’s favorite movies.

EG: Tell me about the perfume you’re bringing out.

KK: I wore the same scent for seven years and I wanted to switch it and couldn’t find anything I loved. I’ve always loved perfume. I remember when I was a kid, I thought perfume was just picking flowers and putting them in a blender. And my sisters and I were just itching everywhere! It’s been a huge passion of mine to create my own perfume. The deal’s done, they came to us. This is like the perfect thing for me to do right now. Its with New Wave fragrances, the guy that did the Paris Hilton perfume, and on his own, the Christian Audigier perfume, lots of clothing line perfumes, which is something my store wants to sell for itself. They’ve got great promotion, they’ve been really helpful in helping me pick the right scent. I’ve been to New York 3 times in the lab. When something is pure, it’s completely different…

Continued at Pt. 4

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