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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

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Jon Cryer

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Olivia Wilde

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John Waters

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Leo DiCaprio at 21

Leo DiCaprio at 21

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Audrina Patridge Pt. 2

Audrina Patridge 1

Audrina Patridge
By E.C. Gladstone

And the hardest part of it? “It’s hard to date a decent, nice guy,” Audrina admits, for the record, denying another rumor that she was seeing Entourage’s Kevin Connolly. “I started dating my high school friend Bernard–and it’s not just him, any guy that I start dating, they don’t realize what it’s like coming into my crazy little world, dealing with the cameras and the paparazzi and the rumors, going out and taking pictures all the time, and constantly being on the go, non-stop. So when I date a guy, sometimes that scares them off, or sometimes they start liking it so much they like that more than they like me, and it’s like, ‘Wait a minute!’”

That might explain some of the drama viewers have seen between her and Justin this past season. “I don’t know what his problem is,” Patridge thinks aloud. “Whenever there’s no cameras around, it’s different. They would show the nice things that he does, but it’s not what people want to see, they want to see the cocky asshole being bad, ‘cause it makes better TV.”

Apparently the “reality” of reality television is somewhat limited. While the tension between her and roommates Lauren and Lo is quite real, says Patridge, “They cut out a lot of the things that I say, things where I stood up for myself, and they just always show those stupid blank stares. And I’m like, ‘okay, that makes me look so stupid, that’s not what really happened.’ I mean, on the show, that’s me, but I don’t feel like what I do and who I am is perceived very well. I still have my privacy– which is kind of nice–but no one really knows the other things I do, the other people in my life.”

Just for example, Audrina’s regular acting and dance classes are never shown, nor is her preference for rock shows over nightclubs.

Audrina’s background may sound somewhat privileged, but also reveals an estimable work ethic. Born and raised in Yorba Linda, California, Patridge comes from a family which still sounds like an impressively tight unit: her parents are still happily married and she remains close to both her older sister and younger brother. The extended Patridge family owns the largest industrial gear and socket manufacturing business in the state (their clients include the Navy, Disneyland and Coca Cola). But Audrina was never just a poor little rich girl: she worked in the company’s clerical offices from age 15, before getting two successive waitressing jobs while trying her hand at modeling. It wasn’t until she got hired at Quixote Photo Studios that she was able to move to Los Angeles to pursue her acting ambitions.

Her pre-LA life also points out other surprising things about Patridge, such as the fact that she used to own a Yamaha YZ125 dirt bike, regularly joining friends on off-roading trips. “We [used to] get a bunch of chicken and fruit, go to the desert and have bonfires, go riding and hang out. I’m not as much of a girly girl as people might think!” Unfortunately, the move to LA forced her to sell the bike.

Continued in Pt. 3

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