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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

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Jon Cryer

Jon Cryer

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Olivia Wilde

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John Waters

John Waters

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Leo DiCaprio at 21

Leo DiCaprio at 21

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Anna Paquin Pt. 2

Anna Paquin-Forrester001

Anna Paquin Interview
By E.C. Gladstone

EG: Playing roles like that, does it help your life out or does it make it more confusing?

AP: Um, I don’t know. I’ll have things to draw on for my work from experiences I’ve had or experiences friends of mine have had that I know about. I usually kind of forget about my work when I’ve finished something, and all the looping, its all done–you don’t really think about it again, you know. But it’s interesting, you get to kind of see how things would play out if you were to be in that situation… it’s just that I don’t happen to have ever come across the same situation in real life as I’ve already encountered in a film, do you know what I mean? And maybe if I am ever in such a situation it might be kind of nice to have kind of already been there done that, but I don’t know, it’s just never really happened.

EG: Did it make you more comfortable about getting to know boys?

AP: I’m really comfortable with guys. I always had like lots of like guy friends when I was a little kid and stuff and I had a brother and his friends were always around. I was never like one of those girls that was really annoying about boys…

EG: Well you went to an all girls’ school right?

AP: Only for a couple of years. I never thought that guys had like cooties or something. The only thing that I can definitely say is that you cease to be self-conscious when you kiss somebody on camera, with like 30 people watching and telling you where to put your head, and where to like, you know what I mean…so completely unnatural and unromantic, yet make it look like it is.

EG: Do you agree with the It’s The Rage position about guns?

AP: Yes. You don’t know when someone’s going to go completely crazy and if they happen to have a gun then it’s the difference between someone ending up dead, and somebody ending up with a lot of bruises or something. If they’re going to respond violently, a gun makes it kind of permanent.

EG: Is that what made you want to do the film? Or did that come out of it?

AP: Well part of choosing the film is not just the character, as what the whole kind of story is and what the point is. And yeah obviously that was a part of the reason I wanted to do the film. But it wasn’t the only reason.

EG: Do you feel strongly about doing charity type things?

AP: I’ve done a fair amount of community service. I worked in like a soup kitchen for a while, in downtown LA, and I helped out at a special education center for a while, on my spring break. I try to do that kind of stuff.

EG: Is that voluntary?

AP: School does ask you to do a certain number of hours, but you can do more. Sometimes, say you have a requirement, once you actually start working at some of those places you realize that it’s just nothing, you’re not even coming near actually making any difference if you schedule like 20 hours. You end up wanting to do more. And that’s a really good feeling.

EG: In Walk on the Moon, was that a situation where you were trying something on that was nothing like your real life?

AP; It’s when you get into the HurlyBurly, It’s the Rage, X-Men stuff, that I’m a little out of my depth and don’t actually know what its like. Like a big freak. I was fourteen once. That was back in the dark ages. Oh my god, four years ago, that’s really scary. Wow, it doesn’t feel like it was that long ago. Wanting to be older than you are, I can understand that a lot.

EG: Would you rather be treated as an adult?

AP: Oh I am treated as an adult, and it’s kind of scary. I think I’ll probably get to be more of a kid just going to college and living in a dorm and having no responsibilities of any sort, than like school work. I am happy being exactly the age I am, I don’t think I want to be treated any older, because any older than like 18 and I am expected to be completely serious and completely responsible, and completely grown up and not that I’m irresponsible or immature, but you know, I think 18’s a good age, because you get to kind of do what you like, but you still are taken care of. You still get kind of the benefits of being a kid without restrictions. I think not having to tell anyone what time I’m coming home will be weird. And if I want to go out, like when I have classes the next day, I can. It will just be my own problem if I’m tired, you know what I mean? But you see, I am also going to do my best to have no classes before eleven. A lot of my friends that were in college at UCLA did actually manage to get no classes before like ten, or something. You can do it sometimes.

EG: Do you know where you are going to school?

AP: Um hmm. I am going back East.

EG: Is it impressive?

AP: Somewhat.

EG: As impressive as where your brother went?

AP: I just want to have like as normal a college experience as I can possibly have, and, when people like making a big deal about it before I even get there, I just want to be like everyone else, where no one really pays attention to that kind of thing.

EG: Do you still want to study psychology?

AP: I’m thinking about it. I’m definitely going to study English, because I like it and I am not bad at it. I want to study French. I’ve been taking it for like, four years, and I just went to Paris and it was so amazing, to be able to speak another language. I would rather, if I’m traveling, speak in whatever language that they speak. And I sort of feel really arrogant not being able to, you know it’s like expecting them to always be able to speak your language? I just felt really good actually being able to just have a conversation with people and get by and understand everything that was basically said, as long as it’s not too fast, which the Parisians have a tendency to sometimes do, if they think you speak French. My first opening two sentences made them think I speak French, yay, but now I can’t understand a word they’re saying!

Continued at Part 3

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