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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

“I’ll be pregnant by the time I’m 30…hopefully.” Kim Kardashian interview By E.C. Gladstone Many see Kim Kardashian as ...

Leading Men

Jon Cryer

Jon Cryer

“I’m at the perfect level of fame” JON CRYER By Eric Gladstone Lunching with Jon Cryer in a Los ...

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Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde

“I belong somewhere trapped in a castle in the 14th century, in the rain, churning butter…” Olivia ...


John Waters

John Waters

“I feel like Uncle Remus every time a kid comes up and says, ‘Tell ...

Power Players

Leo DiCaprio at 21

Leo DiCaprio at 21

"At first, I didn't see any reason why we should do it again." By: EC Gladstone September ...

Young Heath Ledger Pt 8

Knights Tale Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger Interview
By EC Gladstone

E:  I read somewhere else that you got tap shoes?

HL; Yeah for fun. Just for fun.

E:  So you don’t have aspirations to do a musical or something like that.

HL: No.

E:  You seem like an awfully confident guy for somebody who is 21.  Where does that come from?

HL: Um, just not giving a shit, I guess. I just see the humor in everything and I don’t take a lot that serious, and that’s it.  And if it’s confidence, then it’s confidence.

E:  So you are still in the middle of making A Knight’s Tale

HL: Yeah, I’m going back tomorrow morning.

E:  Do you feel more pressure having a film on your shoulders, so to speak?

HL: No. No. No.  You know, it’s like you’re doing the same thing when they call action and cut, it’s the same thing.  You just don’t think about that stuff. I don’t.  Well, now I am.

E:  Because of me, you mean.

HL: Yeah.

E:  Sorry about that. What’s the weirdest thing anyone’s asked you in one of these things?

HL: I don’t know… Do you have a pet kangaroo?  Would you ride a kangaroo to school?  Yes, No.

E:  Are you feeling any pressure in terms of all this attention?

HL: No, no, I just come back and I am like one day here, this is all very weird, and then I just fuck off and I go do my thing, and I hang out with my mates, and I go back to normal.  I become the donkey -fucking mate of my friends and that’s it.

E: You’re doing Four Feathers next, right?

HL: Yup.

Eric:  That’s going to be in Morocco? It’s kind of like a mystical tale, or something?

HL: It’s a long story. Do I have to explain it?  My head’s fucking absent right now, and its like, ugh, jet lag has just kicked in now.

E:  Who’s the coolest person you’ve met so far?

HL: Jack Nicholson.  I met him a couple of times, just at parties and stuff like that.  He’s a cool cat.  Yeah, he doesn’t give a shit.

E:  Any aspirations in terms of something you’d like to do, someone you’d like to work with, anything like that?

HL: I don’t know.  There’s so many of them, you know, it’s just fuckin’ so hard to say who’s your favorite actor, who’s your favorite director… I can’t, it’s impossible. I respect so many different
actors and filmmakers for different reasons that its hard to just put a finger on one thing.

Continued in part  9

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